Entrepreneurial Success Driven by Digital Training

The BMWi’s Manager Training Programme is now running as an online format. Virtual onsite visits, seminars and B2B meetings are preparing managers from the 21 partner countries for business with the German economy.

Under the well-known motto "Fit for Partnership with Germany", the participants go through an eight-week Virtual Programme that familiarises them with German corporate culture and prepares them for business initiation with German enterprises. This is achieved through active training and video meetings with German entrepreneurs. In addition to the digital Programme, a one-week face-to-face course in Germany is planned for 2021, during which the participants can meet German entrepreneurs in person, attend trade fairs and exchange ideas with other Programme participants.

Reimut Düring, Head of the Manager Training Programme
Reimut Düring

"The digital format for the Programme enables our participants to expand their management skills and to establish and intensify business relationships with German firms – and all of this without having to leave their places of work. The training courses are modular, meaning participation can be easily organised around their business activities," explains Reimut Düring, Head of the Manager Training Programme. "We are pleased that the Programme is so well received. We are sure that, despite the current limitations imposed by Covid-19, we will enable both foreign and German enterprises to establish sustainable economic relations and advance their businesses," he added.

Several hundred entrepreneurs are currently participating in the Programme, and some have already achieved initial business deals. "So far I have really enjoyed the Virtual training, because I am learning things while I am working in my normal working environment", says participant Mikalai Mann from Belarus. Team-mate Vladimir Cabanov from Moldova adds: "We have learned so many new things in the training that we would never have found through internet research. For Programme participant Paulo Colomés, the first three weeks of training have already brought valuable insights: "I have learned a lot about the speed with which businesses are changing, and the need for long-term business strategies in dealing with German enterprises," says the Chilean.

The Virtual Manager Training Programme is aimed at managers, especially from small and medium-sized enterprises, from the Programme’s 21 partner countries. Interested parties can find out more about the application procedure through the local partners in the individual countries.

The Virtual Programme format was developed by GIZ in cooperation with the German training centres and is being implemented with the local partners as the Programme activities were initially stopped in March due to restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. "Using this format, we can continue the work between the partner countries and Germany and deepen the common economic relations," explains Reimut Düring.

Further information on the Virtual Programme is available here.