Emil Samedov – Medical technology and German business culture for Azerbaijan

Established in Baku in 2005, Medisis LLC employs a workforce of 22 and markets medical supplies for hospitals and doctors’ surgeries. Managing Director Emil Samedov primarily planned his BMWi Manager Training Programme stay in Germany to establish business relations with suppliers of medical devices and equipment, and disposable products.

“I was extremely relieved to be able to speak English and be understood everywhere in Germany. Complemented by interactive and practice-oriented training, the programme helped me develop reliable and strong relationships with German companies,” Samedov says of his experiences.

Having met his goal of signing exclusive agreements, he is now involved in partnerships with three German companies – a manufacturer of endoscopy instruments from the Lower Rhine town of Voerde, a producer of innovative diagnostics and therapy technology from Neu-Ulm, and a Berlin-based manufacturing company that develops biomaterials and orthopaedic implants. Samedov also works with a first aid supplies delivery firm in Taunusstein-Wehen (Hesse).

Co-operation with the Berlin-based partner was especially quick to develop. As early as the end of July 2010, a German company representative travelled to Azerbaijan to further preliminary negotiations. Shortly afterwards, Samedov participated in the company’s production trainee programme, and in September 2010, Medisis presented a selection of its new partner’s products at the international medical trade fair in Baku.

“I think we were successful,” he said. “Although market research is ongoing, we have already taken several thousand euros worth of orders for January 2011.”

The successful entrepreneur considers the bigger picture: “Besides wanting to import German medical technology to Azerbaijan, we would like to assess whether we can integrate components of German business culture into our company.” He was supported in this endeavour by the practice-oriented training modules offered as part of the BMWi Manager Training Programme.

Samedov is happy to share the secrets of his success with future participants: “Establish your ultimate aims beforehand, conduct online research into the German companies that interest you, contact them in advance and draw up a schedule for the month to make optimal use of your time in Germany. Because every minute can be as valuable as a diamond.”

Name: Emil Samedov
Company: Medisis LLC, Baku, Azerbaijan
Sector: Medical retail
Position: Managing Director
Training in Germany: 8 June – 7 July 2010
Training centre: Carl Duisberg Centren, Cologne