Egyptian Managers in Germany for the Fourth Time

Egypt is one of Germany’s most important trade partners in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Due to the current political and economic situation, business relations between the two countries had come to something of a standstill. So the Egyptian managers from the metal, food, and textile industries and medical and laboratory technology viewed their role as ambassadors for their country as well. They set themselves the task of supporting Egypt’s economic recovery and rebuilding the trust of investors: “In one-on-one conversation, you can determine quite quickly if and where working together would be interesting for both sides,” is how Jürgen Oswald, Managing Director of bw-i, formulated the most important aspect of training in Germany.

Many medium-sized companies won over their guests with the exceptional efficiency of in-house operations. The high standard of technology was also deemed impressive. A tour of the state-of-the-art distribution centre at Hahn + Kold in Ludwigsburg, an internationally active tools service provider, left a deep impression on MP participants. The company controls the worldwide shipping of their products from this distribution centre, which is fully automated in many areas and opened at the end of 2013. Some participants found inspiration here, and took away new ideas about areas in which they could implement improvements in their own companies. Mohamed El Fowaty, for example, from the family-run Fowaty Tex firm, saw how he could package his own wares better and protect them from damage during transport with limited investment by adding additional filling layers. The visit to Hahn + Kolb also focused on the customer management instruments and methods for promoting customer loyalty the company uses, which have long been very important to the traditional company. The firm created a tool navigator, for example, that customers can use to find the right tool for any application easily and at no charge. A new technology centre, the HAHN+KOLB Academy, is also set to open its doors at the company’s new headquarters. Here customers can take part in practice-oriented seminars and customer-tailored product training courses, expanding their knowledge and user skills under expert instruction.

Christina Pfannkuchen,