E-mobility made in Germany

An Indian MP group visited the company e. GO Mobile AG in Aachen in spring. This young start-up was founded in 2015 and has since positioned itself as a manufacturer of electrically powered city vehicles with sophisticated technology and reasonable purchase prices that should convince customers. The vision? An environment-friendly, lightweight, safe, practical and, above all, affordable car.

The enterprise has been producing the e.GO Life small electric car in its Industry 4.0 factory since 2018. Automation, innovation management and the intelligent integration of state-of-the-art technologies make it possible to build up to 10,000 of these small city runabouts in single-shift operation every year. The goal is to double production capacity through further optimisation and the introduction of a multiple-shift operation.

The Indian entrepreneurs were interested to learn how an electric car manufacturer in Germany can compete with large market leaders such as Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes-Benz and how it is possible to keep the production costs for the small city car so low.

“We work from release to release and make improvements step by step”, Olaf Wendt, Head of Marketing and Communication at e.GO Mobile, explained to the MP participants. He said that the firm is continuously looking for ways to improve itself, reduce costs and work more efficiently. It consistently makes use of existing third-party components to build its vehicle, which reduces development costs. Furthermore, the enterprise is committed to sustainability in the production: a photovoltaic system on the roof of the production building ensures that e.GO Mobile AG produces its own electricity and thus that the vehicle production is CO2-free. The innovative way of thinking does not stop at the factory door but extends throughout the entire company. Agility, flat hierarchies and a high degree of flexibility are important pillars on which e.GO Mobile AG is building in order to be able to manufacture competitive electric vehicles “Made in Germany” in the future.

This approach also convinced the Indian executives. A walk-about through the start-up’s production buildings gave the participants the opportunity to ask questions about the technical aspects of the production and the integration of intelligent software and hardware solutions in the production cycle. Uddinadanda Gapanna, manager of an Indian supplier for electronic units for vehicles, was particularly impressed about the possibilities Industry 4.0 provides and already developed initial ideas on the spot of how to improve the efficiency of his own enterprise in future through the integration of modern technologies.

The MP participants all agreed that the visit to e.GO Mobile has put Industry 4.0 solutions in a new perspective. They are taking this experience and best practice approaches for their own enterprises back with them to India.

trAIDe GmbH Pictures: © trAIDe GmbH