Digitisation in Industry

In 2015, Amir Mamdouh founded the Sayyal Sazan Azaran Tadbir (Satco) consulting firm in the city of Tabriz to work with clients in the metal industry. The 32-year-old Satco managing director and engineer completed the MP in 2017. While in Germany, he established contact with a Berlin-based firm now involved in digitisation for a Satco customer. Mamdouh also succeeded in bringing another member of his MP group on board to support his firm’s expansion inside Iran.

Tabriz. Loyal Satco client, Iranian Ferro-Godaz-Tabriz (FGT), manufactures cast-iron automotive parts. The firm recently agreed to take part in a pilot project in which software developed by the Berlin-based company deZem GmbH will analyse the enterprise’s energy consumption. Energy audits used to be a time-consuming manual process that forced FGT employees to evaluate a huge number of reports. The digitisation project will help the firm to save on both resources and energy. “Energy prices went up by 15 per cent in Iran last year. My clientele, foundries and other energy-intensive plants are really feeling the pinch”, Mamdouh says. So the material sciences engineer was very interested in identifying new ways to cut back on energy consumption during his time in Germany. Once the pilot phase has been completed and evaluated, Mamdouh, who is now deZem’s exclusive partner in Iran, plans to roll the product out to clients and other customers outside the metal industry too.

Joint Product in Development
Mamdouh plans to offer a package that combines the analysis software originally designed by deZem with a quality management program for which Mamdouh will provide the code. The programming is complete and the QM software is undergoing testing in another project. This new component monitors an enterprise’s entire workflow from raw material procurement to employee efficiency. Mamdouh plans to market this combined energy and quality management tool to customers as a comprehensive digitisation solution. His firm has also built the necessary hardware. “The new hardware is an important aspect of our joint venture with deZem. Once we have the CE label, we’ll be able to export it to Germany too”, he says.

New Business Partner in Iran
A fellow MP alumnus will soon be supporting Mamdouh in realising his ambitious plans. 44-year-old engineer Sepideh Sarrafan from Mashhad has agreed to act as Satco’s sales manager in the Razavi-Chorasan province in Northeast Iran on the border to Turkmenistan. Mashhad is more than a 20-hour drive from Tabriz, and Mamdouh is very happy to have Sarrafan on board helping his firm expand into this part of the country. “Sepideh Sarrafan will primarily be involved in marketing our digital solutions”, Mamdouh says. “She is a well-respected quality management supervisor in Razavi-Chorasan and has built up an impressive network of business contacts over the past 20 years. This makes her a very valuable and welcome member of the marketing team”.

“Today I am more interested in results”
The MP also changed Mamdouh’s management style. As a trained engineer, he freely admits that there were a few gaps in his management skills which the MP helped him close. Now he focuses more on empowerment in his firm. “I used to want to know exactly how productive each employee was, how much they worked and when. Today, I am much more interested in results”, he says. Mamdouh is also working to promote team spirit. Now the team as a whole divvies up assignments, and there is more overall communication. Satco’s office space has undergone a transition as well, and is now a more attractive and pleasant place to work. Mamdouh is more than happy to pass his new project management expertise on to his employees and customers, and has already organized two training seminars on the topic in the cities of Zanjan and Mashhad.