Denis Hodanovich – Top-quality print products for Siberia from Heidelberg

Denis Hodanovich is the co-owner of City-Press GmbH in the Siberian city of Tyumen and has been with the company since its establishment back in 2002. In the eight years of his involvement in the business, he has not only been responsible for different divisions but has continually participated in further training courses.

In 2006, the printing company with a workforce of 52 faced important decisions. Internal analyses, for which Hodanovich was primarily responsible, indicated that the company was in urgent need of modernisation. In addition to a series of structural changes within the company, investments in new print machinery were pinpointed as essential to keeping the business competitive.

“Initially there were plans to buy a low-budget Japanese system, but thanks to the financing plan I prepared, we decided to invest in a higher-quality model,” Hodanovich recollects. He visited a series of German and Russian printing companies, which worked with machines made by a renowned German manufacturer, and satisfied himself of their quality. He subsequently decided to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme in Germany.

“This step was logical for me – not only because of the opportunity to personally establish contact with manufacturers but because the specialist seminars and visits to German printing companies were invaluable sources of inspiration.”

The restructuring plan that Hodanovich prepared following his training included measures such as closing unprofitable company divisions, reducing work positions, outsourcing the design and transport stages, and procuring a printing machine. The various changes allowed City-Press to enhance the quality of its products and expand its product range. In 2007 Hodanovich was awarded first prize in the BMWi’s innovation competition.

He remains committed to ‘Made in Germany’ quality in the future. His company is planning to buy another system from the German manufacturer, and its new sheet jogging machine is also German made. In addition, they buy inks and accessories from Germany every year.

Name: Denis Hodanovich
Company: City-Press GmbH, Tyumen, Russia
Sector: Print technology
Position: Co-owner, commercial manager
Training in Germany: 19 September – 18 October, 2006
Training centre: ARGE Konsortium Neue Bundesländer, Dresden