Customer-specific Solutions for Logistics Services

‘I didn’t know about these kinds of systems before at all. We are currently planning the construction of a new warehouse, and I can definitely see us drawing on KION solutions’, said Pramendra Singh with great enthusiasm for what he learned about KION. The MP participant from India works for the glass manufacturer Piramal Glass Ltd. as Senior Manager for Manufacturing Excellence, and is primarily responsible for the quality management division. He attended the Manager Training Programme in Stuttgart and Dresden together with another 20 participants from India in autumn of 2015.

During a visit to KION Warehouse Systems GmbH (KWS) in Reutlingen, a KION Group subsidiary, the managing director Marc Lehnstaedt explained to the interested MP participants that it was in no way contradictory to unite strong brands with similar products in one group. It was not until 2006 that the KION Group (previously a corporate unit of Linde AG) was formed, resulting from consolidating the four forklift brands Linde, STILL, OM and Fenwick under the new group name. The KION Group now represents the world’s second-largest provider of forklifts, warehouse technology and associated services through seven global and regional brands. The KION Group maintains international production sites that can share ideas and learn from one another – especially as concerns quality and production control, worker safety and environmental protection. And, for instance, KWS has successfully positioned itself within the KION Group as a specialist for very narrow aisle vehicles. Its products are sold globally under the KION brands Linde and STILL.

The managers from India asked many questions, mostly having to do with products development and innovative solutions for logistics services. The visitors were able to see the company’s high technological standards and individual product specialisation to customer needs for themselves at the company’s own VNA Academy – specially designed and constructed for training technicians and service staff employed at dealers and branch offices – and during the tour of the company. By the time they had completed their tour Pramendra Singh and the other participants were no longer unfamiliar with VNA, the specialist abbreviation for very narrow aisle trucks and stackers. And who knows? A few years from now some of these vehicles may be driving through a new warehouse constructed by Piramal Glass.

By Christina Pfannkuchen
Baden-Württemberg International, Stuttgart