Chuluunchimeg Tuguldur – Fresh management concepts for Mongolia’s beverage industry

Soft drinks producer, Vitafit Group, is very well known in Mongolia. It already dominates a third of the domestic market, and continues to grow, with plans for the addition of a new business segment every year. Seeing this through is one of manager Chuluunchimeg Tuguldur’s responsibilities.

In order to find fresh inspiration and identify suitable German partners, Tuguldur decided to participate in the Manager Training Programme. His excellent German language skills and the contacts his company already had with a food logistics specialist and a manufacturer of filling and bottling systems, helped the young manager achieve his goals.

During a visit to the food logistics company, the Mongolian manager collected important information for the development of the delivery service his company is planning to launch in Mongolia’s 21 provinces. Tuguldur describes his visit to the manufacturer of beverage bottling facilities as a “highlight” of his one-month stay in Germany. He was not only impressed by the new equipment he planned to purchase, but by the dual training system. So impressed in fact, that he has decided to petition for a co-operation in this field.

His company values European standards, which is why their new soft drinks bottle labels will be designed by a German company. He has also decided to buy plastic pallets in Germany, and has even found a German partner for a new business segment: the distribution and sale of top-quality German toys.

Name: Chuluunchimeg Tuguldur
Company: Vitafit group, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Sector: Soft drinks manufacturer
Position: Senior manager of the planning department
Training in Germany: 11 October – 8 November, 2009
Training centre: Carl Duisberg Centren, Cologne