Thinking in new dimensions

The 5DOBT method is one way to ensure a company makes the best possible business decisions. At an online seminar in March, MP alumni from Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine learned about this methodology and received valuable impulses for their own work. Continue reading

“There’s Never the Right Time”

How can I increase my turnover in times of crisis, improve customer satisfaction and advance my business? These were just some of the questions MP alumni from Eastern Europe discussed within the scope of the Business Hacks Festival. The exchange of experiences provided the participants with numerous new insights. Continue reading

“Our processes are now 90 per cent more efficient”

For more than two decades, Ranok has provided the Ukrainian market with books and stationery. Business is good and processing all the orders quickly and efficiently is one of the firm’s biggest challenges. As head of logistics, this is Jurij Bugaj’s responsibility. In the course of the MP, he optimised the warehouse technology in his firm and increased his focus on employee motivation. Continue reading

Ice-cold innovations

Everyone in Ukraine knows and loves Rud. Their frozen dairy and sorbet treats like the “Impreza” and “Eskimos” have cooled the taste buds of the young and old alike for years. Svitlana Lysak heads up the firm’s laboratory and is responsible for quality control. Continue reading

Innovation – A Step towards the Future

The practicalities of how a medium-sized enterprise implements Industry 4.0 was of interest to 17 managers from Ukraine and Moldova who travelled to Wörth in Bavaria, in February 2019, to visit the company GEWO Feinmechanik GmbH. Founded in 1981 as a sole proprietorship, today the family run firm has more than 360 employees working for it. “It is really ‎impressive how the company grew from a small one, to the size of today. Continue reading