Minodora Rucan – Home construction in Chişinău booms with help from Germany

Affordable housing in the Moldovan capital of Chişinău has been in high demand for many years, a reality from which Minodora Rucan and her Ecosem Group have benefited.
That the Moldovan construction company’s future prospects remain good are not least due to the innovative financing concepts of company owner, Minodora Rucan. Thanks to multi-level financing plans and down payments from new homeowners, the company is able to continue launching new building projects without taking out loans. Continue reading

Spare Parts Dealer Focuses on Long-Term Cooperation

Auto Mall is the largest B2B dealer of automotive parts in Moldova. More than 1,200 customers, mostly car repair shop operators and spare parts dealers, appreciate the quality of its products, three quarters of which come from German manufacturers. Looking to expand its range further, the business sent Marketing Manager Sergiu Macari to Germany for the Manager Training Programme. Continue reading

Innovation – A Step towards the Future

The practicalities of how a medium-sized enterprise implements Industry 4.0 was of interest to 17 managers from Ukraine and Moldova who travelled to Wörth in Bavaria, in February 2019, to visit the company GEWO Feinmechanik GmbH. Founded in 1981 as a sole proprietorship, today the family run firm has more than 360 employees working for it. “It is really ‎impressive how the company grew from a small one, to the size of today. Continue reading

More light for our life

In autumn 2017, the MP participants from Egypt, India, Mexico, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine und Uzbekistan with a focus on Energy Efficiency in Industrial Enterprises visited the company Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG in Villingen-Schwenningen. Continue reading

Advancing into the VIP Segment

Mihai Bostan from Chișinău, who holds an MBA, comes from modest roots. Around ten years ago, he went into business for himself in the booming construction industry. His company, M&M Comert, began supplying building supply centres with domestic products. But the ambitious young entrepreneur had his sights set much higher. In 2010 he happened upon an article about the Manager Training Programme, which has turned out to be the greatest driver behind his business so far, he says. Continue reading

From reed to raw material

In the sprawling Dnieper delta, where the mainland is replaced by ever smaller outcrops of land, thrives the fastest-growing renewable source of energy in huge quantities: reeds. It perhaps doesn’t come as a surprise that the locals have meanwhile developed ways to monetise this raw material that is available in such abundance. Continue reading