Tradition meets Digitalisation

Within the scope of the Manager Training Programme, 18 managers travelled from Central Asia, more specifically from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, to Eppendorf in Saxony for the purpose of visiting an enterprise there. During the visit, Rülke GmbH provided the managers with an insight into their business processes. Continue reading

Packaging production 4.0

How can packaging production be modernised in the food industry? How do we meet customers‘ ever-growing demands, and the challenges of differentiated markets? And how can environmentally harmful packaging waste be avoided? Answers to all these questions were being sought by 20 top executives from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, who visited the German GEA Food Solutions group production site in Biedenkopf in the Bundesland Hesse in July. Continue reading

Economic Development and Promotion Made in Germany

This would have been a suitable motto for the four-week training course at DMAN within the framework of the Manager Training Programme (MP) for Kyrgyz entrepreneurs. The participants, most of them also the owners of the firms, represented very diverse small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in Bishkek. The industries ranged from food, building, textile production, printing, gas and oil to rose-growing. And the participants’ interests were just as varied. Continue reading