An Entrepreneur Full of Energy

Ahmed Fathelbab is Managing Director of the steel firm El Fateh. Together with a mechanical engineer whom he got to know in Germany, he is implementing several projects in Africa and Germany at the same time. In addition, the dynamic businessman founded a new firm during the MP that produces biofuel. Continue reading

Strong in steel

In Egypt, the name Faltas is synonymous with steel.  The Faltas family has been making a name for itself in the steel business for over 25 years. The steel bars produced by Sambo Metals are primarily sold to the automotive industry, where they are used in car parts of Maseratis and Mercedes-Benz buses. Continue reading

New Projects in the Millions

Cairo-based Promech Engineering was founded in 2003. The firm specialises in Industry 4.0, advising businesses on how to employ 3D solutions and selling the accompanying hardware and software.

Karim Mohsen is the Sales Manager for Egypt and the Middle East and is working with a German company, German RepRap GmbH, to realise profitable new projects worth millions of euros. At the heart are German RepRap printers that can transform fluids into three-dimensional products. Continue reading

Strengthening German-Egyptian Business Relations

Around 50 co-operations are planned or have already been agreed – this is what the 19 Egyptian managers, who completed further training in March 2016, have achieved so far. The economic value of these contacts is estimated at a total of 20 million euros, whereby most of this sum consists of goods exports from Germany to Egypt.
Continue reading

Egypt Gaining Ground in Organic Peanuts

Awareness of ecologically produced foods has been steadily growing in industrialised countries. The market for organic foods is booming in Germany too. In 2017 it achieved double-digit growth. In the ingredients list it often says: origin in EU/non-EU countries: Germany is dependent on imports for many products. As far as peanuts are concerned, they have mostly come from China. Continue reading

Success Factor Employee Retention

How does a firm operating internationally and manufacturing exclusively in Germany manage to be successful in the textile market despite stiff competition? MP participants from Egypt found the answer to this question during a visit to TRIGEMA, an enterprise owned by the Grupp family. Continue reading

More light for our life

In autumn 2017, the MP participants from Egypt, India, Mexico, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine und Uzbekistan with a focus on Energy Efficiency in Industrial Enterprises visited the company Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG in Villingen-Schwenningen. Continue reading

Sinalco: A German Cult Brand Refreshes the World

Sinalco, a brand like no other, stands for soft drinks “Made in Germany” and is the oldest soft drink brand on the European continent. In 2007, Sinalco was included in “Deutsche Standards – Marken des Jahrhunderts” for the first time, a book which presents the leading German brands of the century. Accompanied by trAIDe GmbH from Cologne, 20 Egyptian managers visited Sinalco’s international headquarters and production site in Duisburg in September 2017 within the framework of the MP. Continue reading

Events for Egypt’s Printing Industry

Walid Qorish has been working in the printing, packaging and publishing industry for more than twenty years. In 2008, he founded Egygraph Creative Communication, an advertising agency in Cairo. During the 2014 MP, he was able to strengthen existing relationships with key German players in the printing industry. Continue reading

Management Professionals from Egypt at ABB

As part of their manager training at AHP International, five MP groups have already had the opportunity to visit the vocational training centre hosted by ABB – the energy and automation technology group. The visit served to build on candidates’ existing knowledge regarding various HR management topics – from the recruitment of new members of staff through to apprenticeships and further training, as well as generating staff motivation. Continue reading