Farmers from Azerbaijan visit Saxony

The weather on the first day of the spring month of March was extremely cold in Dresden with temperatures around minus 12 degrees Celsius and an icy wind. In the early morning, 16 Azerbaijani farmers took the bus that was to keep them fairly warm and take them to the places where they were going to visit German enterprises and institutions that day. Continue reading

Family Businesses Inspire

Dirk Gropp, head of the family-run Saxonian Bernhard Werner Nahrungsmittel Produktions- und Handels GmbH, is assessing the supplies in the company’s warehouse. He‘s sifting the potato flour through his fingers: the raw material for the company's products comes from carefully selected agricultural areas,which he regularly travels to perform personal inspections. That‘s the only way he can make sure there are no “surprises“ – just quality from cultivation to packaging. Continue reading