Business Women Network with Each Other

In October 2019, the Manager Training Programme (MP) was, for the first time ever, represented by an all-women group, consisting of 17 business women from Ukraine. The highlights of their stay in Germany included an event held together with the Club of European Business Women.

Taking “Female Executives in Business” as their motto, the attendees from Ukraine learned about business practices in Germany and put their ideas for cooperation with German enterprises into action. The programme for the four-week training course also included a networking meeting with the Club of European Business Women in Hamburg, a gathering which brought together business women, entrepreneurs and top-level managers from Ukraine and Germany who want to make their businesses competitive internationally. A diverse range of industries were represented, from the metal and electronics industry to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Success through networking: The meeting with the Club of European Business Women in Hamburg also served that purpose.

The event focused on an intensive exchange of practical experience on the topic of “Women in Business”. The participants also learned more about prospects for development and measures to support business activities by women in Europe. “The event offered the perfect platform to share personal experiences and establish business ties to the Ukrainian women. We look forward to more gatherings like this,” explained Marina Tcharnetsky, the Vice President of the Club of European Business Women, after the meeting. All of the participants were given the opportunity to introduce themselves and present their business or start-up, as well as their innovative business ideas and products. The entrepreneurs also shared ideas about current market requirements, increasing customer demands, the pros and cons of business internationalisation and online marketing. The idea of using various channels of communication to strengthen an online network of female business women was also supported.

The business women ultimately agreed that these sorts of networking gatherings are useful because they provide an opportunity to gain intercultural knowledge, develop intelligent ideas, make new contacts and find business partners. That is also what the Ukrainian MP participant Daria Zakharova, who works in the food industry, had to say: “I established contact to a CEO of a major food distributor through a German business woman. I will be going to him with a concrete proposal for cooperation to get our products to the German market.”

On the whole, the four-week programme for the Ukrainian business women was characterised by a warm atmosphere, plenty of enthusiasm and a constructive climate, which had a positive effect on the results.

Photo: Akademie International