Programme phases

The Virtual Manager Training Programme is divided into the following phases:

  • Virtual Programme phase
  • Follow-up phase
  • Completion in Germany

Virtual Programme Phase (8 Weeks)

The 8-week Virtual Programme phase is organised and conducted by German training centres. The average amount of time to invest in the Programme will be three days per week. Participants gain and improve their management skills through practical training which is broken down into virtual modules on modern business management and on establishing international business relations.

German enterprises are actively involved in the Programme. During virtual on-site visits to German companies, they share management practice information and exchange experiences. The participants have the opportunity to establish new contacts, negotiate business projects and expand business activities during individual virtual meetings.

The Programme includes:

  • Introduction – At the beginning of the Programme, there are introductive modules that enable the participants to develop their cooperation projects: research potential contacts to initiate business and acquire basic foreign trade and intercultural expertise. They identify potential business partners in Germany and can realistically appraise their own market opportunities.
  • Management Training – The virtual training sessions familiarise managers with the German business culture and deepen their management and international cooperation competencies.
  • Learning On-Site – Virtual visits to German companies provide in-depth insights. The participants gain first-hand knowledge of successful management of German companies and become familiar with their modern technologies and equipment. They further develop their management competencies and profit from exchanging experiences with German managers.
  • Initiating Business – During virtual individual meetings with German companies, the managers present their businesses and products based on their own corporate profiles and get the opportunity to enter negotiations regarding future business cooperation.
    The participants use their own cooperation projects to reflect and combine theoretical knowledge with real-life implementation in order to enhance and develop their business and international cooperation.

    Follow-up Phase (6 Months)

    After finishing the Virtual Programme phase the participants work on their business projects and implement new knowledge in their companies.
    The follow-up of established contacts and signed pre-agreements could be challenging. During a 6 months period the participants keep contact with the German training centre to get advice and support if necessary.
    At the end of the follow-up phase, the participants together with the German training centres evaluate their business results.

    Completion in Germany (1 week)

    About six to twelve months after the Virtual Programme phase we invite the managers to attend a completion seminar in Germany. During a one-week stay in Germany, the training centres organise visits to German companies and ongoing trade fairs (if possible) to round off the previous virtual phase. The participants engage in workshops on the latest management topics and meet German managers and business organisations. The participants will be asked to evaluate the Programme through sharing best practices as well as challenges and experiences that can occur when doing business with German companies.
    With the possibility of prolonging their stay in Germany, participants will also have the opportunity to conduct individual meetings with German business partners. Participants can conclude their new cooperation, strengthen their business relations and sign contracts with new business partners.

    Becoming Part of the Alumni Network

    The alumni (participants who have successfully completed the Virtual Manager Training Programme) are invited to maintain contact with their German partners. The Programme also supports them to establish and foster networks. They are given access to an active network of currently more than 15,000 managers from 21 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Not only is the network an excellent instrument for exchanges with German companies, it also offers scope for business contacts with alumni from the partner countries.