Benefit for German companies

Are you seeking new business partners from abroad? Would you like to gain access to new target markets? The Partnering in Business with Germany Programme offers manifold contact opportunities with well-prepared executives from currently 17 partner countries. The foreign entrepreneurs come to your company – as a group or within the framework of B2B. In this way, the decision-makers get to know your company and you get to know the decision-makers.

Your company benefits from a cooperation within the framework of the Partnering in Business with Germany Programme in many ways:

  • You benefit from direct contacts: During each visit you will meet executives from around 20 international companies that are interested in doing business in Germany. Since the meetings are held in English, you can make direct contact with the decision-makers. In case of exceptions, we provide interpreters.
  • Matching partners: Through a carefully targeted pre-selection process, the Programme ensures that you come into contact with the right entrepreneurs. Both sides benefit from the mutual exchange by gaining access to new target markets with sales potential to which few economic relations have existed up to now. These contacts often form the basis for long-term cooperation.
  • Conclusion of contracts: The selected executives come to you with specific business ideas. Business works best face-to-face when the business partners know, trust and appreciate each other. The programme’s characteristic on-site exchange with real insights into business practice is ideal for this.
  • Self-promotion: You have the opportunity to present your products and services to foreign entrepreneurs in online or face-to-face meetings. The visits of foreign executives help to increase the awareness and reputation of your company abroad

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