Benefit for Foreign Companies

Are you seeking business partners in Germany? Want to launch your products on the German market? Interested in “Made in Germany” technical know-how and the corporate activities of German companies? The Manager Training Programme offers companies from 21 partner countries manifold opportunities to meet potential business partners from Germany and to enhance their abilities to conduct business internationally.

Your company benefits from an executive’s participation in the Manager Training Programme in a number of ways:

  • Business with German companies:
    The GIZ helps you establish contact with German companies. The Manager Training Programme offers a number of opportunities for entering into discussion with one another, sounding out interest in a cooperation and initiating joint projects.
  • Opening doors to the German market:
    Knowledge of foreign markets and intercultural know-how are important prerequisites for successfully doing business on the global markets. The Manager Training Programme offers both. Moreover, direct contact with German business partners increases recognition for your products.
  • Shaping successful changes:
    During your time in Germany, you can enhance your management expertise. Interactive training sessions focus on executive issues such as the efficient use of resources, change management and international quality certification. This allows participants to also successfully implement changes in their own company.
  • Promoting SMEs:
    The Manager Training Programme is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the 21 partner countries. The GIZ supports companies with foreign trade potential, specifically bringing them together with German companies – a win-win situation that the economies of both countries benefit from.
  • Establishing networks:
    You gain access to our network of successful executives from 21 countries in Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Latin America. More than 14,000 executives have meanwhile participated in the training programme since its launch in 1997.
    Not only is the network an excellent instrument for exchanges with German companies, it also offers scope for business contacts with alumni from your region.

The Manager Training Programme is currently being implemented in the following 21 countries. Interested in the programme and want to send an employee to Germany? Click here for full details of the participation requirements.