Attaining International Success with Hops, Malt and Yeast

A beer that is delicious and tastes the same everywhere in the world? Mongolian Programme participants convinced themselves that it is possible while taking a peek behind the curtains at a traditional, family-run business. And while doing so they also learned plenty about quality management.

The 22 executives excitedly anticipated their visit to Maisel brewery, since beer specialties and the German identity are closely linked for them. The theme of this virtual meet-and-greet was “Quality Assurance”. The sales director for exports, Michael Götz, explained to the participants important facts about the manufacturing process and quality management, as well as the interesting melding of tradition and innovation, and regional and international. In addition, they learned more about the history of the family business and gained insights into the brewing laboratory on a virtual tour. The participants learned that the use of regional ingredients creates high-quality products. For instance, the wheat beer “Maisel’s Weisse” uses soft water from the nearby Fichtel Mountains, hops from Bavaria, high-quality brewing malts and the brewery’s own yeast.  

An environmentally friendly brewing process also contributes to the unique taste of the beer specialties. Maisel considers itself to have a shared responsibility for the environment because the sustainable management of their resources is an important foundation for the survival of the business. Through a cooperation with the Institute for Energy Technology (IfE) of the East Bavarian University of Technology of Amberg-Weiden measures for the reduction of the consumption of energy and raw materials at the brewery are currently being developed. In addition, the company is a part of the initiative “Umweltpakt Bayern”, in which companies commit to sustainable activity, and of Klimaregion Bayreuth, a mutual platform for action to promote climate protection measures at the regional level. 

The virtual visit made a lasting impression on the managers from Mongolia. “It was not until now that I was fully aware of the significance of small and medium-sized enterprises and family-run businesses in Germany”, explained Munkhbold Damdinbazar. Participant Bolormaa Byambasuren was also able to take along some ideas and suggestions for her business. The group joyfully received the invitation from Michael Götz to visit the Maisel brewery in Bayreuth in person and now hopes to meet face-to-face next year. The company visit provided lasting motivation to the participants to intensively analyse the complex topic of quality assurance and to derive opportunities to promote innovation in their own businesses. The practical aspects from the company visit were expanded upon over the course of the training. One training course on change management examined the role of family businesses and the development of medium-sized enterprises, for example.

Michael Götz (above) invited the guests of the virtual tour to see the brewery in Bayreuth.

Photos: © Maisel