At the Heart of the Energy Revolution

A visit to the EUREF Campus in Berlin, a lighthouse project that showcases the innovative strength of German firms, was a special programme highlight for a group from China.

The EUREF Campus is a creative workshop and a real-life laboratory, where 3,500 people work on improving the future. Host to firms from the fields of energy, sustainability and mobility, it is regarded in Germany as a symbol of the shift to renewable energies. “That is why all the delegation members were very interested in visiting the campus,” Jihui Yong, Managing Director of TELD New Energy Company, said, highlighting the campus’ significance for the group.


Citcar was one of the firms presenting itself on the EUREF Campus.

A guided tour gave Chinese guests a general overview of the campus, which adheres to a holistic concept of sustainability, generates its own energy, and is home to start-ups as well as research institutions. Sustainability was a guiding principle when the older buildings were renovated to meet the highest energy and ecological standards, for example. The Manager Training Programme (MP) participants were surprised by another aspect of the campus's corporate philosophy: campus management decides in advance which start-ups to admit by assessing both the business idea and whether it complies with the principles of sustainability.

The Chinese guests enjoyed the chance to get to know three enterprises located on the campus a bit better. Tours of the firms revealed details of the various processes used to generate energy for the campus and the wider community as well. Inno2Grid charging stations give public transport vehicles enough power from one overnight charge to last the next day. Electromobility is very important in China and group members were keenly interested. “I saw some battery charging systems on campus currently being used on China’s highways that have successfully passed the pilot phase,” MP participant Huang Haiyang explained. “I found it particularly interesting that the baseload plant temporarily stores the energy generated by the solar carport,” Xiluan Yue, Managing Director of BAIC Dymos, reported.

Those MP participants who worked in the automotive industry noted similarities and differences in the approaches of Chinese and German enterprises. Battery recycling was an eye-opener for everyone. An innovative model from Citkar that combines a bicycle with a trailer offered one concept for future mobility. The price-performance ratio and the battery’s storage capacity were central to its development. A technical meeting with Cisco explored topics like production, logistics and traffic, and digital innovations and solutions in the field of IOT were also discussed during the tour. The enterprise provides tailor-made solutions for areas like disaster management, traffic control and international marketing strategies. The medical professionals in the Chinese group learned more about new digital patient management options during their visit.

The motivation strategies for employees on the EUREF campus were also novel for the guests from China. The campus offers a sustainable canteen and a lot of free-time activities.

Photo: WAK Schleswig-Holstein