Askar Kadirov – Launch of a new company thanks to management know-how

Askar Kadirov applied to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme when he was still the regional director of food manufacturer, Green World. He came to Germany with the clear aim of subsequently setting up his own company. His aim was to enhance his management skills, establish new contacts, and learn more about EU certification in the food industry.

Kadirov had already been in contact with German manufacturers of drinks components and packaging for some time. During his stay in Germany, Kadirov signed agreements for the supply of packaging for his own juices and concentrates.

He benefited most from German know-how of restructuring measures. In applying this knowledge to his own company, which was set up in 2009, he was able to reduce production costs while simultaneously enhancing product quality.

At the start of 2011, Uzbegim opened a new production hall for compotes, jams and vegetable pastes. The Uzbek company now employs 167 people and is planning to create further jobs. In 2010, Uzbegim also refurbished a cold store for fresh fruit and vegetables, and is now negotiating with several companies for the purchase of cooling units. Greenhouses for production between seasons are next on the planning agenda. Uzbegim already exports sun-ripened produce from the Fergana Valley to Russia and the Baltic states.

“I wanted to lead by example and show that it can be done better. I am happier and more confident,” says the successful businessman of the past year’s accomplishments. “Next, I would like to start exporting my products to Germany. The certification is already underway.”

Name: Askar Kadirov
Company: Uzbegim, Fergana, Uzbekistan
Sector: Food industry
Position: General Director and co-owner
Training in Germany: 18 April – 16 May, 2009
Training centre: Carl Duisberg Centren, Cologne