Andrey Sabanskiyj – Innovative marketing in demand in the Ukraine

Ukrainian entrepreneur Andrey Sabanskiy was just 24 when he set up his first company in the year 2000. Today the businessman from eastern Ukraine is one of five IT specialists to run the marketing company FEEDGEE, which helps organisations and companies manage and analyse Internet and text message activities more efficiently.

The young Ukrainian decided to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme to further advance his company’s continual growth. Of course, he also wanted to find new co-operation partners for his projects in Germany. However, the German know-how, intercultural company communication, and learning of innovative techniques in quality management were also extremely important to him.

During a visit to a motor manufacturer in Cologne, Sabanskiy was introduced to the continuous quality assurance methods, which he subsequently implemented in his own company. These days he operates a policy of openly communicating, analysing and implementing suggestions for improvement in the planning and development of software. This does not only enhance the quality of the programmes, but also improves co-operation with the client. And thanks to a new system set up to motivate and reward employees, there is no fluctuation within the company, which is rare in the software industry.

In 2008, FEEDGEE launched its marketing platform in Russian, Ukrainian and English. “For 2011 we are planning to launch our mobile marketing test version of and a number of new tools. We are also planning integration into social networks, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and the introduction of German and French language sites. We want to offer European users our services in their mother tongue,” reveals Andrey Sabanskiy.

Name: Andrey Sabanskiyj
Company: FEEDGEE Marketing, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Sector: Online marketing
Position: Managing Director
Training in Germany: 23 October – 21 November 2007
Training centre: Carl Duisberg Centren, Cologne and the professional training centre of the Bayerischen Wirtschaft gGmbH, Munich