An Insight into the Future of IT

Efficient software solutions were the main focus of the Indian managers’ visit to the software enterprise WiriTec in Bensheim. The firm specialises in calculating energy performance figures and developing solutions for energy management based on these. As this topic is of great relevance in India, the visit was a highlight of the training in Germany for the group.

Group visit at Wiritec

The WiriTec managing director, Adrian Merkel, informed the Indian guests about the enterprise’s development and its subsidiaries as well as its main areas of business and explained the development of a business plan. Together with its subsidiary, speedikon FM AG, the firm offers complete IT solutions, from the calculation of meaningful energy performance figures to commercial technical data processing. "This ensures a connection between proven and advanced measurement technologies and the IT world and thus ensures optimal use of opportunity costs within the two enterprises. To this end, our engineers and computer scientists develop their own hardware and innovative software solutions", Merkel said. Thanks to WiriTec GmbH’s innovative methods for meter reading and data transfer to a database for meter readings, efficient smart metering, i.e. intelligent data analysis, is also made possible for complex measurement data structures.

The visit to WiriTec also led to new insights for the Indian managers regarding international project management. Thus, they learned that customer orientated tailored-designs, ongoing project support and training as well as the installation and integration of software in existing IT environments are the cornerstones for customer-oriented support for international projects. At WiriTec, specially developed interfaces and communication software ensure transparent project processes for all the enterprise’s departments involved. A highlight of the visit was the tour of the FUTURE.LAB – WiriTec’s and speedikon’s joint research laboratory. Here, the Indian executives were able to experience the latest technology live and try it out through the use of prototypes and project examples.

MP participant Paresh Daga summed up after the visit: "WiriTec reflects an interesting portfolio with a wide range of cooperation opportunities, especially for the Indian market, which is strongly influenced by IT solutions." He announced that he would stay in contact with Adrian Merkel to discuss possible projects.

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