All About Tastiness

The focus of the training for entrepreneurs from six of the MP’s partner countries was on the topic of food processing.

In Germany in autumn 2019, the 19 executives gained an insight into the developing trends in the food industry and in the agricultural sector and were able to gain German partners for joint cooperation projects. The Anuga in Cologne, the largest trade fair in the world for foodstuffs and beverages, provided an opportunity for networking with potential business partners and customers. “I was overwhelmed by the size of the Anuga and the immense number of exhibitors”, MP participant Harith Budhraja from India said. “The trade fair offers extensive potential for establishing business contacts. But you have to prepare yourself thoroughly in advance, otherwise you are lost.”

Annaoraz Durdyyev from Turkmenistan was impressed by the visit to Vatter, a bakery enterprise in Buchholz, Rhineland- Palatinate, during the four-week training period. “We also produce biscuits and bakery products in Turkmenistan. The visit to Vatter was a revelation to me and really changed my idea of the German market.” The Vatter bakery has its own shops and only uses high-quality raw materials in production, such as its own sour dough and flour as well as products from the region. They do not use any readymade baking mixes or other processed products.

Topics of the visit to Bäckerei Vatter, a family-run bakery in Buchholz, were personnel management and modern product management.

Jalal Shiralizade was particularly taken with the Gilde brewery in Hanover: “I work in the beverage industry in Azerbaijan myself, and it was very interesting to see how a German enterprise in this industry functions. My expectations were met: the production is very clean, well-organised and highly automated.”

The meeting with the international guests also provided added value for the German entrepreneurs who welcomed the group. “I was very pleased at the strong interest in our production and the lively exchange of experiences. And I found it interesting to learn that such young people are already in management positions”, explained Joachim Holst, owner of the Joachim Holst KG juice makers. The family business produces juice from locally grown fruit and sells it exclusively in the region.

In Lower Saxony, a visit to Chriwa Wasseraufbereitungstechnik GmbH, a firm in the water treatment technology industry, was on the itinerary. The company has activities throughout the world and is strongly engaged in the Latin American market. Héctor Santodomingo, Head of Business Management Latin America at Chriwa, was therefore very glad about the internationality of the visiting group and gave them a guided tour of the plant in Hambühren. At the end of the visit, he summed it up: “Thanks to the Manager Training Programme and DMAN, a group of entrepreneurs were able to visit our headquarters. Chriwa supports sustainable cooperation with international enterprises and is grateful for the visit.”

With their medium-sized enterprises, the executives from Chile, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, India and Vietnam represented almost the entire range of the food industry: from vegetables, meat, fruit, juices, fish, dried fruit, biscuits, soybeans, mushrooms, tea, avocado oil up to seaweed burgers. Food processing is one of the industries which the MP focuses on. Photo: © DMAN