Alexander Sadurskiy – Restructuring and new products in leather processing in the Ukraine

Alexander Sadurskiy, who is responsible for purchasing, sales and business development at Tomig in Ukraine, was looking for new ways to make the company more crisis resilient and to maximise the profitability of its leather and pelt processing. He also wanted to develop his skills in quality management and employee motivation, forge new contacts and learn how to make full use of raw materials in production. Hence his decision to participate in the BMWi Manager Training Programme in Germany.

In observing the organisation of production processes at various companies in Germany, Sadurskiyj learned about team organisation methods which use a bonus system to increase productivity and quality. His visits to a number of German companies inspired him to improve the organisation of his own company.

Upon his return, he introduced a number of restructuring measures which saw him cut Tomig staff numbers while increasing production and remuneration. The resources freed up as a result, were used to build a new production space and a company laboratory, which in turn facilitated an expansion of the product range. The company was consequently able to develop, certify and launch a protein from animal skins. Today, in addition to leather and leather clothing, the Ukrainian company sells 100 tons of collagen-rich powdered protein to the food and cosmetics industries in Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Diverging in this way increased Tomig’s competitive edge and helped the company overcome the economic crisis.

Successful manager Sadurskiy still has many plans: “In the future we would like to see Tomig become a brand in its own right. We are planning for this with several advertising measures, a new Internet presence and participation in trade fairs. The Global Campus graduate community and the continued support from my tutors in Germany help me remain ‘on the ball’ for this project.”

Name: Alexander Sadurskiy
Company: Tomig GmbH, Mykolayiv, Ukraine
Sector: Leather processing
Position: General Manager in the sales and distribution department
Training in Germany: 23 October – 21 November 2007
Training centre: Carl Duisberg Centren, Cologne; Professional training centre of the Bayerischen Wirtschaft gGmbH, Munich