A Visit to Tool Rebels

Even the three female MP participants from Russia who completed their Manager training programme in Cologne in the summer of 2016 together with another 15 Russian executives were impressed by the “playground for men” Werarium, the showroom for high-quality tools produced by Wera Werke GmbH & Co. KG. With the slogan “Be a Tool Rebel”, Wera Werke has succeeded in substantially increasing sales by emotionalizing their tools as a brand.

The original identity of the employees as “Tool Rebels” was later continuously developed to create a new customer strategy. The expression “tool rebel” (derived from the Latin rebellis) refers to someone who takes the path less trodden and reinvents tools, and who is not satisfied with current standards and likes to question the status quo.

The brand Wera should establish an association between the tools and the values of ingenuity, passion, enthusiasm and honesty. To express these values, the company defined three strategic pillars: innovation, tool design and brand emotion. Innovation and design are important basic elements of brand building that other tool manufacturers also use. But the customer also needs to be addressed emotionally in addition to being offered a quality tool to really generate true enthusiasm for the product. The various social media channels are also a key to emotionalising a brand. That is where stories about Tool Rebels are told or music games can be started directed by slogans like “we love rock ‘n’ roll”.

The instrument of product emotionalisation was a complete novelty for the Russian managers. But they could imagine using this instrument in Russia too. By the end of their visit all of the Russian managers were feeling emotionalised, infected with the “Wera DNA” (s. ill.) and accepted as members of the Wera family. At the conclusion of their visit, each of the guests received a gift set of spanners.

By Jörg Kalmbach
Carl Duisberg Centres, Cologne