6,800 Kilometres from Bochum to Pune

Manisha Sanghavi is the managing director of one of the leading orthopaedic clinics in Asia. She rapidly got down to business during her time in Germany. Just two months after returning to her home country, the Indian implemented her cooperation aims and established an exchange programme for physiotherapy and hospital management students. This was possible thanks to her outstanding personal commitment on the one hand but also the positive response and significant willingness present in Germany.

Pune / Bochum. “My biggest worry was that she would struggle with the different culture, climate and our food,” says Manisha Sanghavi, Managing Director of the renowned Sancheti Hospital in Pune, a metropolis with three million inhabitants situated in the west of India. She has just bid farewell to Luna Thomas. Thomas is 27 years old and studying physiotherapy at the Hochschule für Gesundheit (HSG) university of applied sciences in Bochum, and has just completed an eight-week training programme at Sanghavi’s hospital.

Sanghavi’s concerns proved to be unfounded. Thomas rapidly settled in and felt at home. This was not least because of the individually-tailored training plan. “My stay was very inspiring and important to me. I always had a contact person,” Thomas says. It is important to Sanghavi for her employees and students to feel at ease. She manages her business, which includes the Sancheti Healthcare Academy at which Thomas is studying in addition to the orthopaedic clinic, like a family. An extended family with 640 members that generates turnover totalling 141 million euros per year. Sanghavi trains 100 students here every year. They are able to choose between a bachelor’s or master’s degree in physiotherapy or a qualification in healthcare management. Thomas appreciates the proximity of theory and practice that she experienced in Pune. “As a physiotherapist, it was important for me to see the surgeries. I can now imagine what a patient must go through and what is important for their rehabilitation”, she says. With regard to the techniques, she was unable to discern any major differences between India and Germany.

Thomas’ visit marks the start of a long-term cooperation between the Sancheti Group and the HSG in Bochum. “We will now send our students to Bochum to gain qualifications. The official formalities are currently being clarified for this”, Sanghavi announces.