10,000 companies have ties to Germany

Since 1998, 13.070 executives have completed the Manager Training Programme and established business contacts with German companies.

On September 17, 2015, Mr. Agustín Vázquez Scala from Mexico was honoured as the 10,000th participant of the BMWi’s Manager Training Programme by Uwe Beckmeyer, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

The celebration event became a venue to discuss economic relations between Germany and Mexico with Mexican participants, in particular with regard to the internationalization of SMEs.

Mr. Agustín Vázquez Scala takes part in the Manager Training Programme as a representative of a Mexican family business. His company, Vazgon Plastic Products from Salamanca, Mexico, ranks among leading manufacturers and suppliers of plastic sheets for various industrial applications. At present, the company caters for the Mexican domestic market. Through participation in the Manager Training Programme, the company hopes to secure a footing in the international automotive industry and other growth sectors. It also strives to achieve access to German technology for implementation in Mexico. While in Germany, Mr. Vázquez Scala already succeeded to meet with German medium-sized companies.

Mexico, with its nearly 120 million inhabitants and an estimated annual GDP of 1,295.9 billion USD (2014*), is a growth market. The current group of Mexican participants includes executives from the consumer goods sector as well as from the capital goods industries (e.g. automotive industry).

As a constituent of the Federal Government’s foreign economic policy, the Manager Training Programme provides training for foreign executives to help them establish relationships with German companies that both countries would benefit from. The practice-oriented training in Germany not only serves to acquire new competencies and upgrade management skills, but also offers ample opportunity for business contacts.

In 1998, the Manager Training Programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) was started with Russia as the first partner country. Currently, the cross-sectoral programme is carried out with19 partner countries from Asia, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Latin America. 105 Mexican executives already took part in the Manager Training Programme with Mexico.

* Source: according to estimates from Germany Trade and Invest 2014